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1 November 2015

Awesome Indies 'read to review' programme

AWESOME INDIES BOOKS has launched a 'read to review' programme, offering free ebooks in exchange for honest book reviews. Readers who sign up receive monthly updates of the Awesome Indies approved self-published books up for review. Selected ebooks are sent by email in whatever format the reader chooses (ePub, Mobi, etc.).

In return for the free ebook, readers agree to post a review on the Awesome Indies Book website, Amazon and one other review website, which can be a personal blog. All offered ebooks are Awesome Indies approved, which guarantees they'll be well-written and edited (though not necessarily to the reviewer's taste!). The first selection of ebooks on offer includes my very own novel Paw-Prints Of The Gods. Happy reading! Steph.

Awesome Indies

30 September 2015

City Of Deceit and other updates

Another smattering of minor updates. The completed manuscript (well, MS-Word file) of the much-delayed City Of Deceit has been tucked away in a virtual drawer, where it will rest for a few months before being prepared for publication. The novel is a little bit darker than the first two books and shifts the landscape of the five systems further into classic space opera territory, but for now I'll say no more. This enforced break in writing is a key part of the editing process, but does mean that this third instalment of my science-fiction series will now unfortunately not see the light until early 2016.

During this break, to help clear City Of Deceit from my mind, I've finally returned to an earlier unpublished novel, The Luck Of The Devil. This is a book I've wanted to bring up to date for a long time now: it did not have a happy life when I tried submitting it to publishers many years ago (manuscripts getting lost, etc.) and I am determined to break the curse. If all goes well, The Luck Of The Devil - a light-hearted thriller of superstition, psychiatry and the supernatural - will be published by WyrdStar late 2016.

For those of you seeking free stuff, on 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th October - a month of Thursdays, starting tomorrow - Three Tales For Christmas will be available free of charge from Amazon UK, USA and other Amazon sites.

Finally, I am happy to report a successful move to the damn fine town of Hastings on England's south coast. There were a few traumas - water leaks, faulty central heating boilers and one of the coldest, wettest summers in years - but we're here and loving it. We've also been befriended by a neighbour's tabby cat who looks (and acts) startlingly like the extra-dimensional mischief-maker Athene from Paw-Prints Of The Gods. I'm sure it's a good omen... Happy reading! Steph.

14 June 2015

Last post from London (hopefully)

This will probably be my last update for a while. Things are finally coming to a head on the house-moving front and it is almost time for the elderly PC behind the WyrdStar website to be packed away. With any luck, the next post will come from somewhere sunny on England's south coast. I'm very much looking forward to a welcome change of scenery; as for moving day itself, not so much.

In other news, I've finally completed the first draft of the third novel from The Worlds of Hollow Moon, which despite me calling it Flood City Blues in previous posts may have become City of Deceit. Writing this has taken longer than anticipated (and it's still yet to be edited), but I remain hopeful that the ebook will see the light of day later this year.

Secondly, from 25 to 29 June, Three Tales For Christmas will be available free of charge from Amazon UK, USA and other Amazon sites. Once again, thanks for reading... Steph.

11 April 2015

Democracy: An Epitaph out now!

PUBLISHED TODAY is Democracy: An Epitaph, a short collection of political verse to mark the forthcoming UK General Election, by up-and-coming London poet Lallafa Jeltz: None Of The Above, Ode To Magna Carta, Civil Disobedience, The Road To Number Ten, Blameless Tiers and Democracy: An Epitaph.

Lallafa Jeltz is the pen-name of a London-based writer. Democracy: An Epitaph is Lallafa's first poetry collection.

The ebook is available at £0.99 / $0.99 from Amazon UK / USA and Smashwords, with more ebook retailers to follow. For further information, see the book page.

Updated 13th April: The ebook is free from Smashwords from 12th April to 12th May using voucher code TV57A. Happy reading! Steph.

ebook voting slip

5 April 2015

Democracy: An Epitaph coming soon...

COMING SOON is Democracy: An Epitaph, a collection of political verse by up-and-coming London poet Lallafa Jeltz. This short anthology contains six poems to mark the forthcoming UK General Election: None Of The Above, Ode To Magna Carta, Civil Disobedience, The Road To Number Ten, Blameless Tiers and Democracy: An Epitaph. The ebook edition will be published 13 April 2015... Steph.

1 March 2015

Google Play, Flood City Blues and other updates

A smattering of minor updates. Firstly, Hollow Moon and Paw-Prints Of The Gods ebooks are now available from Google Play (see book pages for links). If you have an Android phone or tablet, the chances are you're already familiar with Google's mighty online store. Secondly, from 2 to 6 March (i.e. starting tomorrow), Three Tales For Christmas will be available free of charge from Amazon UK, USA and other Amazon sites.

The tentatively-entitled Flood City Blues, the third novel from The Worlds of Hollow Moon, is taking an age to write but should be completed sometime later this year. In the meantime, I've released A Message To Earth, a first-draft teaser from the new novel, just to prove this isn't all lies and I am actually writing something. Happy reading! Steph.

18 January 2015

Smashwords Reads 2014

Happy New Year! Yes, I know I'm almost three weeks late, but that still leaves over eleven months in which to make this year joyous. Once again, in the spirit of annual musings on the year now gone, the Smashwords Reads 2014 page presents a collection of short reviews of the indie ebooks that took my fancy in 2014, complete with Goodreads star ratings. Most are science-fiction: reviews are obviously subjective and my tastes can be a little quirky at times... Steph.

21 December 2014


MERRY CHRISTMAS! Published today is GENIE And The LAMP pdf, a free seasonal short story from The Worlds of Hollow Moon. A young Angelos Inari, petty thief and self-professed laziest man in Epsilon Eridani, is offered more money than he's ever seen to help steal a top-secret corporation interrogation device. Before the night is out, the Local Ambient Megastructure Projector has surrounded him in riches and won him the girl of his dreams. Unfortunately, the mysterious Namtar has no intention of letting Inari keep his wonderful new prize...

GENIE And The LAMP is an 'origin' story for the incompetent revolutionaries Namtar and Inari. Having first appeared together in Hollow Moon, the dynamic duo will return to cause more havoc in the forthcoming third novel, tentatively titled Flood City Blues.

SPECIAL OFFER: From 24 to 28 December, Three Tales For Christmas will be available free of charge from Amazon UK, USA and other Amazon sites. Happy reading! Steph.


31 October 2014

Awesome Indies website relaunch

AWESOME INDIES, the book review site dedicated to quality self-published works, is launching its shiny new website this weekend and celebrating in style with a huge sale - 70 ebooks under $3.00! (USD) To quote Awesome Indies: "Every one of these books is worth your time. Buy them and support the independent authors who are spear-heading the new wave of quality independent fiction."

I'm pleased to announce that a new additon to Awesome Indie's stable is Hollow Moon, which joins Paw-Prints Of The Gods as an 'approved' ebook for your reading pleasure. Both titles are available for £1.99 / $2.99 from all major ebook stockists.

Finally, this month's offer on Three Tales For Christmas closes today. This ebook is available for free from Amazon UK / USA (and other Amazon sites)... Steph.

Awesome Indies

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