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30 March 2014

Short Stories (and goodbye to Diesel)

THE WYRDSTAR MOBILE mini website for The Worlds of Hollow Moon has finally been updated to include online versions of the short stories In The Lap Of The Gods (from Wyrd Worlds) and the 2013 Christmas short story A Wizard, A Sword And A King. The mobile website also offers chapter excerpts from the novels, all in a no-frills format which can be read by the majority of mobile devices.

Meanwhile, to banish the woe of Wednesdays throughout April, Three Tales For Christmas will be available free of charge from Amazon UK / USA (and other Amazon sites) on Wednesday 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th April. As before, this offer starts around midnight US Pacific Standard Time, so should take effect from 8:00am in the UK. The current edition of this Kindle-only anthology includes A Wizard, A Sword And A King as a bonus short story! (So there's actually Four Tales...)

Finally, another ebook store has closed its doors: this time, Diesel; existing customers should see the website for details to download (and thus retain) ebooks previously bought. The ebook market remains relatively new and is still evolving, but it's sad to see established names fade away. Steph.

Mobile websiteThe WORLDS OF HOLLOW MOON Mobile Website is at: www.wyrdstar.co.uk/mobile/.

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9 March 2014

WyrdStar ebooks now available at Scribd

WYRDSTAR EBOOKS, along with all other Smashwords titles, are now available from Scribd, the world's largest online library and ebook lending service. Ebooks can be borrowed at no extra charge by Scribd subscribers, or bought and downloaded in a similar fashion as from other online stores. Scribd links have been added to website book pages.

In other retailer news, the Sony Reader Store is closing on 20 March, after which existing customers will transfer to Kobo. Sony's pioneering work in establishing ebooks and dedicated ereaders lends a touch of sadness to this news. My thanks go to those readers who have found WyrdStar ebooks through Sony over the years. Steph.

2 March 2014

Smashwords 'Read an Ebook Week'

THE SMASHWORDS 'Read an Ebook Week' promotion kicks off today! As part of this event, the witty space-opera mysteries that are Hollow Moon (RRP $2.99) and Paw-Prints Of The Gods (RRP $3.99) are available at 50% off until 8 March (see special voucher code on the Smashwords book pages for details). The promotion has lots of other offers from the authors and publishers who release works through this site, so why not check it out? Steph.
See also: > Hollow Moon page on WyrdStar website.
  > Paw-Prints Of The Gods page on WyrdStar website.

19 February 2014

In Memory of Dandridge MacFarlan Cole

Some of you who have read my 2012 novel Hollow Moon may know that the asteroid colony ship at the centre of the story is named after Dandridge MacFarlan Cole, American aerospace engineer, futurist, lecturer and author who was born this day in 1921 in Sandusky, Ohio. Cole was an avid proponent of humankind's future in space and wrote several books and papers on the subject. As early as 1953, before the United States had a space program, he predicted a manned moon landing by 1970. It was in 1953 that Cole, after seeing action in the Second World War followed by a spell teaching physics and astronomy, took a job with the Martin Company in Baltimore; a post that later would see him help to design the Titan II, the launch vehicle for Gemini space capsules. His career in space similarly reached new heights and in 1960 Cole became a consulting engineer at the General Electric Missile and Space Division at Valley Forge Space Technology Center, Philadelphia.

Cole often promoted the idea of colonising the asteroids. The 'planetoids', as he argued they should be called, could be hollowed out or inflated to create a bubbleworld with habitable space on the inside (see illustration) and he envisaged the resulting space arks orbiting within the solar system or even being sent out on interstellar expeditions. He and artist Roy Scarfo collaborated on the book Beyond Tomorrow: The Next Fifty Years in Space (1965), a wonderful vision of future advancements in space exploration, space development and colonisation, all based on scientific feasability at that time. Dandridge Cole's visionary ideas heavily influenced the speculative science behind my science-fiction stories and it is not for nothing that the hollow asteroid at the centre of the story is named in his honour. Dandridge MacFarlan Cole died tragically young (age 44) on October 29, 1965 at King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Steph.

Hollow Asteroid

4 January 2014

Smashwords Reads 2013

A belated Happy New Year to all! In the spirit of yearly round-ups, the new Smashwords Reads 2013 website page lists the indie ebooks that took my fancy in 2013, with a brief summary, review and my Goodreads ratings. Most of these are science-fiction, with a few others thrown into the mix. I hope you find this list interesting! Steph.

24 December 2013

Awesome Indies Holiday Bonanza Ebook Sale

The fine folks at Awesome Indies are running a Christmas sale from 26 December (Boxing Day) to 30 December. The sale features 60 books, all Awesome Indies approved, with US $2 or $3 off their normal price. Some are free; most are 99c. To quote Awesome Indies: "Every one of these books is worth your time. Buy them and support the independent authors who are spear-heading the new wave of quality independent fiction. Please enjoy our smorgasbord of cheap ebooks while they last!"

As part of this special offer, Paw-Prints Of The Gods will be available for the knock-down price of $0.99 from Amazon USA, with similar reductions at Amazon UK and other Amazon sites. Yes, I know I should have wrapped up this announcement with the news item below (dates have been updated in the previous post) but my organisational skills have become a bit frazzled in the run-up to Christmas... Have a good one, folks. Steph.

22 December 2013

Christmas special offers

Merry Christmas! WyrdStar is running a couple of special offers for Kindle owners over the festive period. From 24 to 30 December, Paw-Prints Of The Gods will be available for the knock-down price of $0.99 from Amazon USA, with similar reductions at Amazon UK and other Amazon sites.

Meanwhile, from 24 to 28 December, Three Tales For Christmas will be available free of charge from Amazon UK / USA (and other Amazon sites). As before, this offer starts around midnight US Pacific Standard Time, so should take effect from 8:00am in the UK. Steph.


15 December 2013

A Wizard, A Sword And A King

PUBLISHED TODAY is A Wizard, A Sword And A King pdf, a free seasonal short story and a prequel to Paw-Prints Of The Gods. On the moon of Avalon, Alpha Centauri, the young orphan Artorius is resigned to spending Christmas alone, wandering the snowy streets of Londinium just as a new series of the bloodthirsty holovid show Gods Of Avalon is about to start. As the medieval tournament gets under way, he finds that the alien-worshipping nuns encamped in the fake Temple of Mithras are taking more notice of him than usual. Not only that, but the man playing wizard Merlin was not the usual company cyberclone!

A Wizard, A Sword And A King is available as a WyrdStar pdf and is also now included in Smashwords editions of Paw-Prints Of The Gods. Readers who previously bought this novel from Smashwords can download all subsequent updates at no extra cost.

To see how these and other stories fit together, see the updated Worlds Of Hollow Moon page.


4 December 2013

News snippets

A smattering of minor news items today: The 'you set the price' special offer for Paw-Prints Of The Gods at Smashwords (normally $3.99) and Hollow Moon at Smashwords (normally $2.99) will come to an end on Sunday 8 December, so grab a bargain while it lasts! Secondly, this year's seasonal short story, A Wizard, A Sword And A King, is a bit delayed but should be out on Sunday 15 December as a WyrdStar pdf ebook.

Finally, the latest addition to the WyrdStar website reveals all (well, some) of the movie influences that made their presence felt whilst I was writing Paw-Prints Of The Gods; some influences are obvious, others maybe not. (This page is actually just an excuse to plug the near-forgotten Hammer film Moon Zero Two, which deserves wider recognition in the annals of sci-fi movie history.) I hope you find it of interest. Thanks for reading! Steph.

15 November 2013

Officially Awesome

Firstly, Paw-Prints Of The Gods has been approved for inclusion in Awesome Indies, a website which showcases the best of independent fiction. Books listed: "have been evaluated by industry professionals against specific criteria for quality fiction and deemed to be of the same quality of craftmanship as books published by mainstream publishing houses." Given all that, I'm quite pleased to have made the grade! I hope to update the ebook cover soon to show the 'Awesome Indies Approved' badge of honour.

Secondly, WyrdStar books are now being shipped to Flipkart, the India-based online retailer of books, music, movies and lots more. Those of you who have read Hollow Moon will understand why I'm quite excited about getting into the Indian ebook market! Links will be added to this website as the various titles become available.

Finally, this year's Christmas short story is on its way. A Wizard, A Sword And A King is a prequel of sorts to Paw-Prints Of The Gods, where the young orphan Artorius finds himself spending Christmas on the Londinium holovid set. The hit holovid reality show Gods Of Avalon is about to start, only things aren't quite what they seem...

NOTE: This news item was edited 17 November 2013. Steph.

Awesome Indies

21 October 2013

Kobo UK ebook store and Amazon free offers

WyrdStar ebooks are currently unavailable from the Kobo online store to UK customers. For those of you who missed the story, Kobo and UK retailer WHSmith took umbrage at certain items of 'adult' literature that they had previously accepted via the usual self-publishing channels, with the result that all self-published titles have been removed from their virtual shelves in the UK. WyrdStar does not publish such literature, but our ebooks have been removed along with the rest. Kobo has assured affected independent publishers that normal service will be resumed (for most) as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, a series of special offers are scheduled for Three Tales For Christmas, which will be available free of charge from Amazon UK / USA (and other Amazon sites) over a month of Sundays! Or to put it another way, on Sunday 27 October, 3 November, 10 November, 17 November and 24 November. As before, these offers start around midnight US Pacific Standard Time, so should take effect from 8:00am in the UK. Steph.

12 October 2013

New book reviews and ebook price changes

Books by WyrdStar have received some nice coverage recently in the blogosphere (the internet does have some mighty strange words). Writer, blogger and reviewer for Awesome Indies D L Morrese wrote the first review for the recently published Paw-Prints Of The Gods (see D L Morrese on 'Paw-Prints Of The Gods'), though not before also giving Hollow Moon an equally-cracking write-up (see D L Morrese on 'Hollow Moon').

PRICE CHANGES: Following the release of Paw-Prints Of The Gods, ebook pricing has been reviewed, as follows:

> Paw-Prints Of The Gods is £2.99 / $3.99 at major ebook retailers. The 'you set the price' special offer at Smashwords, announced at the book's launch, will remain in place for the foreseeable future!
> Hollow Moon is reduced to a new price of £1.99 / $2.99 at major ebook retailers. Again, the 'you set the price' special offer at Smashwords will remain in place.
> Three Tales For Christmas (Amazon only) is reduced to a new price of £0.77 / $0.99 - and thanks to the wonders of Amazon's 'Select' scheme, will occasionally be free of charge (watch this space).
> Wyrd Worlds and the single-story editions of 'Worlds of Hollow Moon' short stories remain free of charge.

Going back to reviews, the Indie Book Reviewer blog has a nice write-up (and an interview with yours truly) about Wyrd Worlds. This is one of several author interviews done by contributors, links to which can be found with author biographies section of the WyrdStar book page. If you haven't already got a copy of this damn fine anthology, download it now! Steph.

29 September 2013

Paw-Prints Of The Gods out now!

PUBLISHED TODAY is Paw-Prints Of The Gods, the sequel to Hollow Moon! On the forbidding planet of Falsafah, archaeologists are on the verge of a discovery that will shake the five systems to the core. Ravana O'Brien finds herself on another wild adventure with a mysterious little orphan, a cake-obsessed secret agent and a god-like watcher who is maybe also a cat. The cyberclone monks are preparing to meet their saviours. But nobody believes in prophecies anymore, do they?

AMAZON: Paw-Prints Of The Gods is available from Amazon UK / USA at a recommended retail price of £2.99 / $3.99 - and will soon be available from other ebook retailers.

SMASHWORDS SPECIAL OFFER: A limited-time offer is currently running at Smashwords. For two weeks, both Paw-Prints Of The Gods and Hollow Moon are available via an exclusive 'you set the price' deal! Happy reading... Steph.


7 September 2013

Wyrd Worlds anthology out now!

WYRD WORLDS is a new anthology of science-fiction and fantasy short stories by indie authors brought together by the social network Goodreads. The collection, which contains 14 stories from 12 writers from around the world, includes a wide range of speculative fiction, from slices of fantasy and time travel to steampunk and science-fiction. The tales vary widely, yet are all born from the same drive to create, share ideas and above all to entertain!

This collection includes a new Hollow Moon short story, In The Lap Of The Gods.

Wyrd Worlds is currently free of charge available at Smashwords, with more ebook retailers to follow. For further information on this book, see the Wyrd Worlds book page. Thanks! Steph.


13 August 2013

Hollow Moon offer at Amazon

For the next couple of weeks (or longer if the fancy takes me), Hollow Moon is £0.77 / $0.99 from Amazon USA / UK (and other Amazon sites), reduced from the usual recommended retail price of £2.99 / $3.99. Enjoy!

1 July 2013

Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale Promotion

For one month only, thousands of Smashwords authors and publishers are providing huge discounts on ebooks. Hot on the heels of June's special offer on Amazon, Hollow Moon at Smashwords will be half price throughout July, reduced from the usual recommended retail price of $3.99, as part of the annual Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale. The special promotion catalogue goes live on 1 July (US Pacific time) on the Smashwords home page, where readers can browse what is on offer and search by coupon levels and catagories. Seek out new authors today! Steph.

22 June 2013

Late June Offers on Amazon

For one week only from today, Hollow Moon is half price from Amazon USA / UK (and other Amazon sites), reduced from the usual recommended retail price of £2.99 / $3.99.

Secondly, for no other reason than we're currently as far away from Christmas as can possibly be, Three Tales For Christmas, my science-fiction short-story collection for the Kindle, is free on Tuesday 25 June and Thursday 27 June from Amazon UK / USA (and other Amazon sites). As usual, this offer starts around midnight US Pacific Standard Time, so should take effect from 8:00am in the UK. Steph.

15 June 2013

WyrdStar Mobile Website

Mobile-friendly webpages have now been added to the WyrdStar website. The WyrdStar Mobile mini website accompanies the Hollow Moon page and offers online versions of all three short stories published to date, plus chapter excerpts from the novel itself, all in a no-frills format that can be read by the vast majority of mobile devices (it even works on the basic browser of my Kobo Touch!). The sequel to Hollow Moon and a new short story is to be published late summer.

Mobile websiteThe HOLLOW MOON WyrdStar Mobile Website can be found at: www.wyrdstar.co.uk/mobile/.

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21 May 2013

New edition of Hollow Moon out now

The new ebook edition of Hollow Moon, which has had both an editorial refresh and new cover artwork by Victor Habbick, is now available from Smashwords and Amazon USA / UK (recommended price £2.99 / $3.99). The new Smashwords edition, soon to be available from Kobo, iBooks, Sony, B&N and other retailers, includes a bonus in the shape of the short story It's A Blunderful Life (previously only available for the Kindle, in Three Tales for Christmas).

Hollow Moon is a fast-paced and witty space opera mystery that tells the tale of Ravana, a teenage girl who has to grow up fast when she and her father become embroiled in a plot of interstellar intrigue. For further details and the latest news, please see the Hollow Moon page.


5 May 2013

Sneak preview of new ebook artwork!

I've been plugging away for a while on Paw-Prints Of The Gods, due for publication sometime this summer. This is a sequel to my 2012 novel Hollow Moon, which itself will be getting an editorial refresh and a second edition release very soon. The big news is that both ebooks will feature some lovely new artwork (pictured) by Victor Habbick. I am so pleased with these I couldn't resist publishing a sneak preview... Steph. ebook ebook

Older news items can be found on the WyrdStar News Archive page.

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