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1 March 2015

Google Play, Flood City Blues and other updates

A smattering of minor updates. Firstly, Hollow Moon and Paw-Prints Of The Gods ebooks are now available from Google Play (see book pages for links). If you have an Android phone or tablet, the chances are you're already familiar with Google's mighty online store. Secondly, from 2 to 6 March (i.e. starting tomorrow), Three Tales For Christmas will be available free of charge from Amazon UK, USA and other Amazon sites.

The tentatively-entitled Flood City Blues, the third novel from The Worlds of Hollow Moon, is taking an age to write but should be completed sometime later this year. In the meantime, I've released A Message To Earth, a first-draft teaser from the new novel, just to prove this isn't all lies and I am actually writing something. Happy reading! Steph.

18 January 2015

Smashwords Reads 2014

Happy New Year! Yes, I know I'm almost three weeks late, but that still leaves over eleven months in which to make this year joyous. Once again, in the spirit of annual musings on the year now gone, the Smashwords Reads 2014 page presents a collection of short reviews of the indie ebooks that took my fancy in 2014, complete with Goodreads star ratings. Most are science-fiction: reviews are obviously subjective and my tastes can be a little quirky at times... Steph.

21 December 2014


MERRY CHRISTMAS! Published today is GENIE And The LAMP pdf, a free seasonal short story from The Worlds of Hollow Moon. A young Angelos Inari, petty thief and self-professed laziest man in Epsilon Eridani, is offered more money than he's ever seen to help steal a top-secret corporation interrogation device. Before the night is out, the Local Ambient Megastructure Projector has surrounded him in riches and won him the girl of his dreams. Unfortunately, the mysterious Namtar has no intention of letting Inari keep his wonderful new prize...

GENIE And The LAMP is an 'origin' story for the incompetent revolutionaries Namtar and Inari. Having first appeared together in Hollow Moon, the dynamic duo will return to cause more havoc in the forthcoming third novel, tentatively titled Flood City Blues.

SPECIAL OFFER: From 24 to 28 December, Three Tales For Christmas will be available free of charge from Amazon UK, USA and other Amazon sites. Happy reading! Steph.


31 October 2014

Awesome Indies website relaunch

AWESOME INDIES, the book review site dedicated to quality self-published works, is launching its shiny new website this weekend and celebrating in style with a huge sale - 70 ebooks under $3.00! (USD) To quote Awesome Indies: "Every one of these books is worth your time. Buy them and support the independent authors who are spear-heading the new wave of quality independent fiction."

I'm pleased to announce that a new additon to Awesome Indie's stable is Hollow Moon, which joins Paw-Prints Of The Gods as an 'approved' ebook for your reading pleasure. Both titles are available for £1.99 / $2.99 from all major ebook stockists.

Finally, this month's offer on Three Tales For Christmas closes today. This ebook is available for free from Amazon UK / USA (and other Amazon sites)... Steph.

Awesome Indies

12 October 2014

Author Interview at Pebble In The Still Waters

Book blogger Jaideep Khanduja asked me to answer some questions for his Pebble In The Still Waters blog and despite getting side-tracked for a couple of months, eventually I did just that. The resulting blog was published today! On a related note, a few other Wyrd Worlds writers have also been interviewed on various blogs, the links to which can be found in the 'Author Biographies' section on the Wyrd Worlds II page. Happy reading... Steph.

28 September 2014

Short stories galore

WYRD WORLDS II is now available online at most major ebook retailers. This should be available free of charge, but if this is not the case from your preferred retailer, all popular ereader formats are also available from Smashwords.

SPECIAL OFFER: Three Tales For Christmas will be available free of charge from Amazon UK / USA (and other Amazon sites) on Friday 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st October. This offer starts around midnight US Pacific Standard Time. The current edition of this Kindle-only anthology also includes the bonus short story A Wizard, A Sword And A King, so you get four tales for the price of three. Short stories are a great distraction for the daily commute! Unless you drive to work, that is (please don't read and drive). Enjoy... Steph.

20 September 2014

Wyrd Worlds II anthology out now!

PUBLISHED TODAY is Wyrd Worlds II, the work of an international collection of science fiction and fantasy writers, independent authors old and new, who have come together through the book recommendations site Goodreads to contribute to this anthology. This ebook contains a bumper 19 short stories from 17 independent authors from around the world, encompassing a wide range of science fiction and fantasy. Here lurks tales of the future, steampunk and time travel; of magical realms and fantastical deeds; and of things so weird they defy categorisation. The original Wyrd Worlds rode upon a new wave of indie collaborations; and now we're back!

The anthology is available free of charge from Smashwords, with more ebook retailers to follow. For further information on this book, see the anthology's book page.

Mobile website Wyrd Worlds II includes a new Hollow Moon story, Rock Of Ages, available online. Steph.


31 August 2014

Wyrd Worlds II coming soon...

WYRD WORLDS II, the sequel to last year's anthology, is on its way! If all goes to plan, the ebook will available from Smashwords from 21 September, before being rolled out at other retailers over the following weeks. This collection contains a bumper 19 stories from 17 indie authors from around the world, encompassing a wide range of science fiction and fantasy: from tales of the future, steampunk worlds and time travel, tales of magical realms and fantastical deeds, to tales that are just weird and defy categorisation. Watch this space... Steph.

31 July 2014

Goodreads giveaway winners

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the Goodreads giveaway for Hollow Moon and Paw-Prints Of The Gods in paperback. Around a thousand entries per title were received for the five copies on offer.

The readers who will each receive a copy of Hollow Moon are: Ayman Mohamed Farag Bashandy (Cairo, Egypt), Julyn Cataquiz (Tayabas City, Philippines), Mohamed Ben Taouil (Marrakech, Morocco), Areta Gedutyte (Cavan, Ireland) and Beatriz Mira Godinho Santos (Lisbon, Portugal).

The readers who will each receive a copy of Paw-Prints Of The Gods are: Vennela Indrakanti (Bangalore, India), Alexe Alexandra (Cremona, Italy), Kel Wheeldon (Springfield Lakes, Australia), Tony Drummond (Hemel Hempstead, England) and Tanu Awana (Noida, India).

Thank you to all who entered. Books are due to be posted week commencing 4 August and so should be with the winners by the end of the month. See here for post-giveaway offer on ebooks.

NOTE: This news item was edited 3 August 2014. Steph.


1 July 2014

Goodreads giveaway!

TO MARK THE RELEASE of Hollow Moon and Paw-Prints Of The Gods in paperback, five copies of each book are being given away via the social media website for books and book-lovers that is Goodreads. This giveaway launches today and runs until 31 July 2014.

HOLLOW MOON - Join intrepid young heroine Ravana O'Brien in a fast-paced and witty science-fiction mystery of interstellar intrigue. As the dark priest of destiny returns from the dead, Ravana and friends find themselves on an incredible planet-hopping adventure into the shady world of politics, music and rebellion!

PAW-PRINTS OF THE GODS - Ravana finds herself on another wild adventure with a mysterious little orphan, a cake-obsessed secret agent and a god-like watcher who is maybe also a cat. The cyberclone monks are preparing to meet their saviours. But nobody believes in prophecies anymore, do they?

But there's more! Three Tales For Christmas for the Kindle will be available free of charge from Amazon UK / USA (and other Amazon sites) on Wednesday 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th July. As before, this is timed around US Pacific Standard Time, probably to confuse us folk in the UK and elsewhere. Happy reading! Steph.

Goodreads Giveaway Goodreads Giveaway
ebook ebook
Enter to Win Enter to Win

29 June 2014

Hollow Moon and Paw-Prints Of The Gods out in paperback

HOLLOW MOON and PAW-PRINTS OF THE GODS, tales of science-fiction mystery and adventure for young adults and adults young-at-heart, are out in paperback! The books are available via the wonders of 'print on demand' from Amazon UK / USA (Hollow Moon) and Amazon UK / USA (Paw-Prints Of The Gods). These trade paperbacks (i.e. better quality than mass-market paperbacks) have a recommended retail price of £9.99 (UK) / $16.99 (USA).

Paperbacks traditionally carry quotes of those who inspired the author in some way. I found it a challenge to select something that reflected my influences, but which also said something about the novel itself. Here is the quote I finally chose for this new paperback of Hollow Moon:

"Could it be possible that after thousands of years of struggling in the darkness we are about to discover, in the light of the new dawn, our purpose and destiny?" - Dandridge M. Cole, Beyond Tomorrow (1965).

For Paw-Prints Of The Gods, I chose:

"It is not our fault that the old books and traditions of human history exhibit so many absurdities." - Erich Von Däniken, Chariots Of The Gods? (1969).

Meanwhile, the ebook price of Paw-Prints Of The Gods has been matched with that of Hollow Moon at £1.99 (UK) / $2.99 (USA). Ebooks are available from a wide range of online stores, which now includes Txtr.

A Goodreads 'giveaway' will be announced shortly. Thanks for reading! Steph.


26 May 2014

All quiet on the WyrdStar front

It's been a couple of months since I last posted an update. This isn't through a lack of activity from yours truly, but rather because there's feverish work going on in the background that has kept me busy elsewhere. All I will say for now is Hollow Moon is being prepared for a paperback release very soon, with Paw-Prints Of The Gods to follow. I hope to celebrate this through a book giveaway on Goodreads, so watch this space!

In other news, the fine folks at Awesome Indies have given their website a facelift. This now looks very slick indeed and puts many publisher's websites to shame (including probably this one), with lots of information about showcased books, plus a new blog offering entertaining content from and about the featured authors. Awesome Indies is on a mission to find the best of independent fiction. If you're in the mood for something different, why not pay them a visit? Steph.

30 March 2014

Short Stories (and goodbye to Diesel)

THE WYRDSTAR MOBILE mini website for The Worlds of Hollow Moon has finally been updated to include online versions of the short stories In The Lap Of The Gods (from Wyrd Worlds) and the 2013 Christmas short story A Wizard, A Sword And A King. The mobile website also offers chapter excerpts from the novels, all in a no-frills format which can be read by the majority of mobile devices.

Meanwhile, to banish the woe of Wednesdays throughout April, Three Tales For Christmas will be available free of charge from Amazon UK / USA (and other Amazon sites) on Wednesday 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th April. As before, this offer starts around midnight US Pacific Standard Time, so should take effect from 8:00am in the UK. The current edition of this Kindle-only anthology includes A Wizard, A Sword And A King as a bonus short story! (So there's actually Four Tales...)

Finally, another ebook store has closed its doors: this time, Diesel; existing customers should see the website for details to download (and thus retain) ebooks previously bought. The ebook market remains relatively new and is still evolving, but it's sad to see established names fade away. Steph.

Mobile websiteThe WORLDS OF HOLLOW MOON Mobile Website is at: www.wyrdstar.co.uk/mobile/.

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9 March 2014

WyrdStar ebooks now available at Scribd

WYRDSTAR EBOOKS, along with all other Smashwords titles, are now available from Scribd, the world's largest online library and ebook lending service. Ebooks can be borrowed at no extra charge by Scribd subscribers, or bought and downloaded in a similar fashion as from other online stores. Scribd links have been added to website book pages.

In other retailer news, the Sony Reader Store is closing on 20 March, after which existing customers will transfer to Kobo. Sony's pioneering work in establishing ebooks and dedicated ereaders lends a touch of sadness to this news. My thanks go to those readers who have found WyrdStar ebooks through Sony over the years. Steph.

2 March 2014

Smashwords 'Read an Ebook Week'

THE SMASHWORDS 'Read an Ebook Week' promotion kicks off today! As part of this event, the witty space-opera mysteries that are Hollow Moon (RRP $2.99) and Paw-Prints Of The Gods (RRP $3.99) are available at 50% off until 8 March (see special voucher code on the Smashwords book pages for details). The promotion has lots of other offers from the authors and publishers who release works through this site, so why not check it out? Steph.
See also: > Hollow Moon page on WyrdStar website.
  > Paw-Prints Of The Gods page on WyrdStar website.

19 February 2014

In Memory of Dandridge MacFarlan Cole

Some of you who have read my 2012 novel Hollow Moon may know that the asteroid colony ship at the centre of the story is named after Dandridge MacFarlan Cole, American aerospace engineer, futurist, lecturer and author who was born this day in 1921 in Sandusky, Ohio. Cole was an avid proponent of humankind's future in space and wrote several books and papers on the subject. As early as 1953, before the United States had a space program, he predicted a manned moon landing by 1970. It was in 1953 that Cole, after seeing action in the Second World War followed by a spell teaching physics and astronomy, took a job with the Martin Company in Baltimore; a post that later would see him help to design the Titan II, the launch vehicle for Gemini space capsules. His career in space similarly reached new heights and in 1960 Cole became a consulting engineer at the General Electric Missile and Space Division at Valley Forge Space Technology Center, Philadelphia.

Cole often promoted the idea of colonising the asteroids. The 'planetoids', as he argued they should be called, could be hollowed out or inflated to create a bubbleworld with habitable space on the inside (see illustration) and he envisaged the resulting space arks orbiting within the solar system or even being sent out on interstellar expeditions. He and artist Roy Scarfo collaborated on the book Beyond Tomorrow: The Next Fifty Years in Space (1965), a wonderful vision of future advancements in space exploration, space development and colonisation, all based on scientific feasability at that time. Dandridge Cole's visionary ideas heavily influenced the speculative science behind my science-fiction stories and it is not for nothing that the hollow asteroid at the centre of the story is named in his honour. Dandridge MacFarlan Cole died tragically young (age 44) on October 29, 1965 at King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Steph.

Hollow Asteroid

Older news items can be found on the WyrdStar News Archive page.

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