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Atomic Twitten

ATOMIC TWITTEN is our small but perfectly-formed acoustic band, playing party pop, soul and rock tunes in an Eastern-European style: classic tunes of the 1960s to current hits and a few originals. Gigs happen now and again whenever the feeling takes us or when someone asks us to play (usually in the Hastings area). If you're interested, the Atomic Twitten page has a couple of videos and contact information.

Danse Macabre DANSE MACABRE (band)

DANSE MACABRE was an earlier foray into live music, this time playing mainly original songs. The band took its own brand of folk-rock, halloween-pop cabaret around London and beyond, including sets at the 2008, 2009 and 2010 Worcester Music Festival. The Danse Macabre Archives page has a brief history, some photographs and more...


Prozakville Records is very much a home-based cottage industry to distribute DANSE MACABRE recordings, using a MacBook, a pile of printable CD-ROMs and a lot of trial and error! Titles available from the Prozakville Records Shop include DANSE MACABRE's The Golden Age Of Ballooning (EP) and Worcestershire Sauce (CD single).

Quiltbag QUILTBAG 2019 (Hastings Pride)

This page has some information on QUILTBAG, the arts event I helped arrange at the Arts Tent at Hastings Pride 2019.


KILLER SQUIRRELS: THE OPERA by Steph Bennion and Sarah Taylor
A horror comedy musical inspired by the Danse Macabre song Killer Squirrels, set in Baird's television studio in Crystal Palace Park, South London, November 1936. Strange creatures roam in the night, the mutant creations of the megalomaniac Doctor Drey who plans to use an army of killer squirrels to hold the world to ransom. However, she is not the only one with devious deeds afoot: a musichall star is stealing Baird's secrets for the BBC, an agent from the RSPCA is also on Drey's case and even Drey's own henchwoman Zelda is out for revenge... Steph.

Killer Squirrel

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