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Atomic Twitten

ATOMIC TWITTEN is our latest musical endeavour in Hastings, featuring Taylor on vocals and guitar, myself Steph on double bass. The biggest change from when we performed (as THE CHEESE FACTORY) in London is that the electric guitars have gone as we aim for an Eastern-European-vibe folky style. We play party pop, soul and rock tunes, classic tunes of the 1960s to recent hits, with a few of our old self-penned DANSE MACABRE songs thrown into the mix.

More information is available on ATOMIC TWITTEN's  Facebook page. You can also contact us here...

Atomic Twitten Atomic Twitten

ATOMIC TWITTEN performances on YouTube...

Live at Twelve Hundred Postcards bar in Hastings, October 2019.

Live at On The Rocks bar in Hastings, October 2019.

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