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Merry Christmas, Mister Wolf (short stories) - Hollow Moon series
Steph Bennion

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It is the twenty-third century and scientists, dreamers, crooks and believers have bridged the vast cosmos, staking their claims where distant suns burn fierce in the sky. Yet for all of humankind’s technological marvels, life for many is far from a wondrous fairytale.

When the power fails when parents are out for the night, is it wise to be wandering the forest with vicious robot wolves on the loose? Can a young boy change his destiny with the help of a fraudulent wizard and draw the sword from the stone? Are the city streets paved with gold for the lowly detective and a stolen brass clockwork cat? Can a lost little girl defeat the evil ruler with the help of her seven diminuitive miner friends? It is supposed to be the season of goodwill!

This collection brings together the main-sequence seasonal short stories from the space-opera Worlds of Hollow Moon and more:
> "Merry Christmas, Mister Wolf"
> "A Wizard, A Sword And A King"
> "The Clockwork Cat"
> "Psyche's Seven"
> Epilogue: Extract from Paw-Prints Of The Gods
> The Worlds of Hollow Moon - Timeline Part 2: Main Sequence.

Published for the first time are the timeline interviews, a light-hearted look at how the various novels and short stories fit together. In this volume, Ostara Lee and Zotz Wak talk about events from Hollow Moon onwards...


~ T H E - W O R L D S - O F - H O L L O W - M O O N ~

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Prequels Book 1 Book 2 Book 3 Main Sequence Kindle anthology

Short stories in this volume...

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Christmas at the exclusive ski resort of Kirchel, high in the New Malverns on the planet of Ascension, was a tedious affair. The concrete log cabins, artificial snow and holographic trees were all as fake as the robot security wolves that patrolled the dome at night. But the wolves were rejects from the brutal Gods of Avalon game show. When the power fails, with their parents out for the night, Hestia and her friends would soon wish they had never ventured into the forest in search of park ranger Granny.

(First published 1 December 2012; approx. 8,000 words. [details])

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On the moon of Avalon, Alpha Centauri, the young orphan Artorius is resigned to spending Christmas alone, wandering the snowy streets of Londinium just as a new series of the bloodthirsty holovid show Gods Of Avalon is about to start. As the medieval tournament gets under way, he finds that the alien-worshipping nuns encamped in the fake Temple of Mithras are taking more notice of him than usual. Not only that, but the man playing wizard Merlin was not the usual company cyberclone!

(First published 15 December 2013; approx. 8,000 words. [details])

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Ostara Lee, private detective, is lured to the wealthy city of Bradbury Heights by a mysterious message asking for her help on a case. Captain Nyx of Newbrum police is in league with smuggler Bouki Moritasgus and only a brass clockwork cat, stolen by street urchin Tomtem from the Dickens Christmas Fair, can save the day...



The notorious prison of Feng Du was no place for Psyche to spend the first fourteen years of her life. When her mother passes away, she escapes to the mainland and finds sanctuary with a group of young miners. Meanwhile, Governor Malingee of Taotie has ambitions to be number one in Epsilon Eridani and nothing will stand in her way...

(First published 18 December 2016; approx. 11,000 words. [details])

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THE WORLDS OF HOLLOW MOON came about through my love of space opera and science fiction. I enjoyed writing these books so much that more are sure to follow!

> The Worlds Of Hollow Moon overview.
> Hollow Moon (novel) book page.
> Paw-Prints Of The Gods (novel) book page.
> City Of Deceit (novel) book page.
> To Dance Amongst The Stars (prequel short stories) book page.
> Three Tales For Christmas (introductory anthology for Kindle) book page.

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Hollow Moon

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