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WyrdStar ebooks - science-fiction adventure and mystery with a dose of humour!

ebook Awesome IndiesPAW-PRINTS OF THE GODS by Steph Bennion

On the forbidding planet of Falsafah, archaeologists are on the verge of a discovery that will shake the five systems to the core. Ravana O'Brien finds herself on another wild adventure with a mysterious little orphan, a cake-obsessed secret agent and a god-like watcher who is maybe also a cat. The cyberclone monks are preparing to meet their saviours. But nobody believes in prophecies anymore, do they?

Recommended retail price: £2.99 / $3.99

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The sequel to Hollow Moon!

ebook WYRD WORLDS by Various Authors

Wyrd Worlds is a new anthology of science-fiction and fantasy short stories by indie authors brought together by the social network Goodreads. The collection, which contains 14 stories from 12 writers from around the world, includes a wide range of speculative fiction, from slices of fantasy and time travel to steampunk and science-fiction. The tales vary widely, yet are all born from the same drive to create, share ideas and above all to entertain!

Recommended retail price: Free!

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WYRDSTAR: Steph Bennion's science-fiction & fantasy fiction (and more!)

Welcome to WyrdStar, my website for books and music. This site contains information on my published science-fiction, ebooks read in 2013, a tiny bit about my music and even an episode guide on the influential (to me, anyway) cult BBC TV show Blake's 7! The WyrdStar website also hosts the Danse Macabre archives. This was the London folk-rock, hallowe'en-pop cabaret band I played in for a while (and wrote songs for). Thank you for visiting! Steph.

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